Message from the CEO

President and Representative Director
Naoyuki Ikeda

Aiming to be a reliable partner in various food cultures

“Never heard of IKEDA TOHKA....”
Most people would think that first.
Our company was established in 1904, more than a hundred years ago.
In the beginning we were making saccharified starch syrup.
“TOHKA ” mieans saccharification.
After that, we started manufacturing the food coloring caramel using the syrup, then we started using the caramelizing technique and machines for manufacturing the condiment, and now we manufacture multiple ingredients products.

The material of the food products is originally from the primary products.
They are mainly from the field, farm or the sea.
The products directfrom there is difficult to contain, need to be processed.
Our mission is producing the raw materials for other manufacturers.

We have invested in state of the art technology and facilities , so we can manufacture liquid condiments, powder condiments, fruit syrup and retort pouch foods and many other forms.
However, our products are the raw material of the other company’s products, you do not see our company’s name on the package of the retail products which are sold in the stores.
No wonder you do not know the name of our company, “IKEDA TOHKA ”.
Most people in Japan do not realize but you have been eating our products indirectly.
We believe that is the proof of the trust that many people give us.
To meet the customer’s trust and the expectations, we will continue the efforts.