Contract Culturing Services

Contract Culturing Services for Food Microorganisms

Applying our developed biotechnologies for the food industry, Ikeda Tohka Industries provides contract services including culturing, concentration, and powdering of various food microorganisms such as lactic acid bacteria, bifidobacteria, and koji mold.
Ikeda Tohka Industries plans to establish a new plant specifically for food microorganisms, scheduled to commence operations by 2025. With the rising demand for Halal products in recent years, our new plant will be equipped to handle the production of Halal-certified products.
If you have specific inquiries about our capabilities or need further details about our services, please don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Lactic acid bacteria
  • Bifidobacteria
  • Koji mold

Source: NBRC

Contract Services

We are equipped to handle all or some of these services based on your needs.

Using fermentation tank of various capacities, we cultivate various food microorganisms like lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria.

We utilize equipment such as centrifugal separators and membrane concentrators to concentrate microorganism and culture medium.

We use various drying equipment such as freeze-drying or spray-drying to dry and powder microorganisms and culture medium.

We can accommodate your desired form and quantity for packaging. Please note that the consultation is required for the Halal-certified products, please contact us individually for further assistance.

Consideration of Manufacturing Conditions
Our R&D team will review and improve manufacturing conditions for projects, even if not specified.

Flow of Contract Services (As an Example)

Our contract services typically follows these steps. (Note: They may vary depending on your project's specifics and progress.)

  1. STEP
    Your Request
    If you are interested in contracting us for the manufacturing of food microorganisms like lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria, please reach out via the inquiry form. Our representative will contact you.
  2. STEP
    Meeting with Customers
    After signing a non-disclosure agreement, we will meet with you to discuss the details of your contracted operations. We will design the production process to meet your specifications, whether it's powder/liquid form, viable/dead bacteria, etc.
  3. STEP
    Laboratory Sample/Quality Checks
    Our R&D team will prepare samples at laboratory scale. You will then check the quality of the samples. If they don't meet your standards, we will do our best to suggest improvements to ensure your satisfaction.
  4. STEP
    Pilot Production/Quality Checks
    If the results of the laboratory samples meet your quality requirements, we will proceed with pilot production upon your request. You will then check the quality of the pilot production samples.
  5. STEP
    Based on pilot production, we will provide an estimate of production costs.
  6. STEP
    Delivery of Product
    Once agreed upon, we produce and deliver the product according to your proposed conditions.

Reasons to Choose Us

Reason 1

Integrated Production System

We have production facilities for spray-drying, freeze-drying, granulation, and sachet packaging in our group companies. By combining these equipment, we provide complete contract services, including various processing options after culturing. We also customize the product's form to meet your needs.

Reason 2

Halal Compliance at Our State-of-the-Art Plant

As the demand for Halal products has been increasing along with the global growth of the Muslim population, we plan to establish our new plant specifically for food microorganisms. This facility will be equipped to handle the production of Halal-certified products.
We assist you in obtaining Halal certification from the selection of raw materials, and provide safety and secure products.

We accommodate the following customer requests:

Examples of Correspondence

  1. We specialize in handling products in various forms, including powders, liquids, and viable/nonviable bacteria. We have successfully fulfilled many orders for powdered nonviable lactic acid bacteria.
  2. In response to customers' requests to develop original strains of bacteria to differentiate their products, we have mass-produced custom strains for each client, helping them stand out in the market.
  3. We assist in enhancing the productivity of our customers' original strains by advising on culture conditions and processes. Our expertise includes selecting raw materials of culture medium and optimizing culture conditions for better results.

Our Biotechnology Facilities

We will perform operations using the following combination of equipment.

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