Our products

Caramel, Natural Food Coloring

Our prominent technology made it possible to make the natural caramel.

We also have all natural food colorings made from gardenia, safflower, red yeast and other natural materials.

Food seasoning

Natural food seasoning from the nature.

We make the best use of meat, fish and fruits to produce the natural food seasoning. It will help you cook the taste that you imagined in your mind.


Raw material for up-to-date deserts.

Selected from the various fruits, we make them into different forms like source or powder for the desert making.
We also produce caramel syrup, caramel powder and pudding syrup etc..


Low in calorie and safe.

Our granule/powder sweetener is made from the best stevia and licorice.
We offer few different types of the sweeteners that matches your use.

Functional material

Functional material comes from the life science.

Our original and specialized technology gave the functions to the materials.
We provide it with steady quality.

Bioproduct Material

Bioproduct Material

We have been developing the micro-organism cultivation, abstraction, and refinement that give us to produce the bioproducts for the medical practice. We develop and manufacture the enzyme for clinical diagnosis.

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